Control Systems


In recent years, RFID technology has become more cost effective and has been applied to a wide variety of in especially parking and entrance or exist cars, parking lots are an important component of many businesses, while being accessible and convenient for their customers. After its implementation in many parking facilities, its clear that a parking lot equipped with RFID UHF will have lower operating expenses, a minimized enhanced safety, security chance for human or machine error and a vastly improved customer experience.

Process Control

RFID Technology based process control is extremely important . Provides state of the art solutions for enhanced process control and efficiency which are used widely in some industries and enable mass production so they started using RFID for better efficiency
RFID is a technology that delivers valuable benefits for business. RFID Solutions Egypt has the experience in putting this technology to work for our customers, helping them to realise the benefits of automatic identifica

Race Timing System

Race Timing Systems Software is designed for Marathon and Fun Runs, also can be used in Bike Race, Horse Race, Car Race, Motorsports, and any other racing events. This software is user friendly and can be setup in few minutes .
The software used to time and score events is a critical component of any timing system. RFID Race Timing has invested heavily in software development to produce intuitive and reliable programs to support our timing hardware.
Auto-Calculate Pace Time based on Finished Time/Elapsed Time/Gun Time.
Supports races with multiple laps and automatically computes and ranks by total time.
Supports races with handicaps, or multiple start times.

Advanced Access control I-Access

RIFD UHF access control systems have been in use for several years and are becoming increasingly popular in the post 9/11 world. In addition to potentially improving operational efficiencies, controlling access with RFID-enabled ID badges allows organizations The typical RFID-based controlled access solution consists of :
1) Tags that contain unique identification data capable of access to restricted areas.
2) A mechanism for reading the RFID tags at the access control points.
3) RFID Tags can be placed on any objects( paper – plastic ID cards- key Fob).

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