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OrbMedical – Health Management Software

OrbMedical – Health Management Software

Services For Sectors: Clinic Management, Doctors appointment, Hospitals
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OrbMedical is a robust hospital management software. This software has some excellent features and modules. Moreover, this system provides a healthcare facility, a user-friendly dynamic website, a mobile-friendly application, a separate control panel, and 100+ more exciting features.

Features and Technical Specs:

  • Creates separate interfaces for doctors, nurses, patients, etc.
  • Manages financial activities easily
  • Handles administration portal
  • Manages operational activities
  • Uses cloud-based technology
  • Stores healthcare-related information
  • Integrates HR management system
  • OPD and IPD management systems
  • The secure electronic messaging facility
  • Bed management system
  • Online appointments system
  • Laboratory and report management system
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