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Asset Management RFID

By automating data collection, RFID technology vastly reduces human effort – and error. Because RFID technology reads multiple tags at once without requiring a line of site customers are able to more quickly and accurately locate assets without climbing on ladders, cramming under desks, or scanning labels one-by-one.
RFID is a technology that delivers valuable benefits for business. RFID Solutions Egypt has the experience in putting this technology to work for our customers, helping them to realise the benefits of automatic identification.

RFID Warehouse Management

The need for flexible and scalable warehouse solutions is growing as supply chain operators ty to meet rising industry challenges and consumer demands coupled with the talent shortage , these challenges can result in product loss or damage, lack of visibility and increasing operating costs
RFID Technology make it possible through providing solutions:
1)Simplify business processes
2)Helps prevent theft
3)Reduce waste, and decreases the need for manual checks and counts

RFID And Face Detect

A face detect device is mounted on a suitable wall or turnstile where the personnel are passing. The face owner, who is given admin authority, introduces the faces of the personnel to the device. The face detect device scans and saves the faces of the personnel in 2 dimensions at different angles and distances. Afterwards, the personnel approach and look at the camera at a distance of 30-60 cm and the device provides access by recognizing personnel in less than 1 second.
Since the users can read their faces without touching the device, the device will operate without deformation for long life. Face recognition systems have a face scanning capacity in between 300 and 5000. Our face recognition devices are IP based and can exchange data with computers via TCP / IP connection. As you can use your local company, if you have companies in more than one different locations, you can control all of them from a single center and get reports with fixed IP port direction. If you have purchased more than one face recognition device, you don’t have to define each user individually to each device separately, so you can transfer face IDs to your selected machines automatically with our transfer program.

RFID Attendance System

Attendance is one of the crucial factors in any organization. It is a form of management that holds the company together UHF attendance systems can help any size organizations such as (school, university, company…and so on)
The cost of RFID based attendance system is also extremely affordable. The key point is that a great deal of manual processes can be involved in attendance and entry as well as calculating hours attended.
-They system completely eliminates human errors & frauds (time-theft & manipulation
-Reduces cost of expensive attendance machines & the regular costs of maintenance
-Provides ultimate transparency
-Provides a real-time tracking for external employees
-Provides a real-time tracking for external employees
-Automates payroll calculation
-Generates several types of structured & detailed reports

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